About Us

Heather Charity Barker is a 19-year-old teenager who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, blogging and spreading fake news on Facebook. She is creative and stable, but can also be very standoffish and a bit evil.

She is a French Hindu who defines herself as straight. She finished school and then left academia. She is allergic to hazelnuts.

Physically, Heather is in pretty good shape. She is very tall with walnut skin, brown hair and black eyes. She has asymmetrical ears.

She grew up in a working class neighbourhood. Her parents separated when she was small, but remained friends and provided a happy, stable home.

She is currently in a relationship with Nadia Ray Hutchinson. Nadia is the same age as her and works as a student.

Heather’s best friend is a teenager called Edgar Hopkins. They are inseparable. She also hangs around with Rose Thornton and Darryl Greenwood. They enjoy social card games together.